Julien Fournié

Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2023 collection

Photography by Olga Gasnier

About collection

The haute couture collection meets the need for freshness with its light and delicate fabrics and a palette of precisely chosen colors. transparencies, cuts and inlays let bodies breathe, uncover skin and illuminate each lady’s personality. In the final bouquet, three fresco dresses play with embroidered transparencies and summon the sun at dawn, at zenith, at dusk.


Text: https://www.julienfournie.com/en/



The bride

The bride unfolds her embroidered silhouette in triple silk organza in this haute couture collection. Without a veil, the spouse preserves her feminine magic with fine craftsmanship and needlework.


Text: https://www.julienfournie.com/en/

Gallery of dresses

Portraits and moments

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