Сергей Коротаев, режиссер

Фотограф: Ольга Хлыбова

Продюсер: Екатерина Лебедева


La Plus Belle Magazine, Italy

Creative team:

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Model: Kate Lebedeva

Makeup Artist: Masha Dontsova

Stylist: Kate Orwell

Dress: Jiulia Berlitskaya

Accessories: Inga Alexandrova

Swimsuit: Pis Saro


  Each summer our creative collaboration team goes to the yacht cruise to make a unique story for Russian designers. This time Jiulia Berlitskaya, a designer, who blows the breeze of femininity in her dresses, and a jeweler Inna Alexandrova, who makes sparkling turquoise accessories, both from St. Petersburg created an airy wedding look.

  Being at sea and not to swim –  unbelievable. The crimean swimsuit art designer and amazing famous tattoo artist Pis Saro (@pissaro.swimsuit) reflects her love to sea and nature in her "dresses", she has her own philosophy: "A swimsuit is an outfit you put on to go on a date with the sea".


Beauty editorial

Fashion World Magazine

Creative team:

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Makeup Artist: Lucy Oganisyan

Model: Yana Shulzhenko
Agency: Linden Staub

  There was no shortage of glitter in beauty editorial for Fashion World Magazine. A makeup artist Lucy Oganisyan, who was experimented with different techniques and textures, inspired by an abundance of glitter on the catwalk of spring/summer 2017.


Model test


Creative team:

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Model: Dima Sukach

   Model test is more a dialogue than an ordinary photo session. That's why in order to create a confident and relaxed mood in pictures, a photographer and a model need to establish friendly and trusting relationships. Since we knew each other for our previous social project dedicated to the importance of young families, we did the job!

   Special thanks to Concept Store Mir for the clothes.



Программа мастер-класса

Теоретическая часть:

1. История развития портрета как жанра и его особенности

2. Виды портрета

3. Портретная фотография как произведение искусства

4. Знакомство с работами лучших мировых фотографов


Практическая часть:


1. Предпродакшн.

  • подбор команды (составление модельного релиза и договора о сотрудничестве)
  • создание образа (мудборд, ТЗ для стилиста и визажиста, сотрудничество с дизайнерами и шоу-румами)

2. Продакшн

  • работа на площадке
  • разные типы освещения в портретной и бьюти съемке 
  • свет как художественный инструмент

​3. Постпродакшн

  • определение ТЗ для ретушера 
  • различные методики устранения недостатков светотеневого рисунка
  • этапы портретной ретуши

​4. Деловое письмо


Client: Crimean IT-Cluster

Was in charge of providing media support to Startup school for students. Interviewed managers and jury members of Startup school, wrote articles for the website and social media of Crimean IT-Cluster and press releases for mass media.

 24 июня состоится конкурс инновационных проектов «Стартап Фрегат».

 Конкурс станет завершающим мероприятием школы стартапов Фрегат Акселератор, на котором участники школы представят свои стартапы. Главным призом конкурса станет сертификат Российской венчурной компании на внеконкурсный доступ в Предакселератор GenerationS.

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20 мая в стартап-центре филиала МГУ в г. Севастополе состоится открытие севастопольской стартап-школы «ФРЕГАТ АКСЕЛЕРАТОР». Мы поговорили о проекте с исполняющим обязанности директора филиала МГУ и соорганизатором стартап-школы Иваном Сергеевичем Кусовым.

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Feroce Magazine, Scotland

Creative team:

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Model: Yana Shulzhenko (LindenStaub)

Makeup Artist: Masha Dontsova

Stylist: Kate Orwell

  Creativity torments are familiar to every artistic soul. That's what would happen if you allow them to control your mind. Editorial story about insane artist for Feroce Magazine. 



HUF Magazine, the UK

Creative team:


Photographer: Olga Khlybova 

Fashion designer: Liudmyla Komardina 
Makeup: Alexandra Maslivets
Model: Anastasia Litvinova

   Since 2010, designer Liudmyla Komardina has been specializing in the creation of women’s and men’s wear. The brand continually experiments with difficult cut, giving preference to relaxed fit. Usually, Liudmyla doesn’t use bright shades in the collections and often emphasizes a subject of rapprochement of a person and nature. «Inhale happiness, exhale kindness» isn’t an exception.

   This collection consists mainly of dresses and is executed in dark tones (black, graphite, wet asphalt) and a little white. Due to correctly placed accents, the collection looks filled and exciting. Fabrics as jersey, silk, and neoprene are used. The highlights of the collection are manually painted fabrics and graphics. Metal jewelry made from chains and curved needles help to create the finishing garment.

Written by Olga Khlybova

Open on the website


– Taxi!

   A girl in a big city... Julia in Moscow. 




Photography contest, 2nd place, Moscow state University



Creative team:

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Model and makeup Artist: Anastasia Tishenko


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Fashion Summer Brunch, printed 


Client: AMD

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Makeup Artist: Nataly Omelchuk

Model: Yana Marchenko

​Agency: KModels, NY



 Каждый из нас хотя бы раз в жизни задумывался над тем, чтобы организовать себе фотосессию. 

С чего же начать?

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#послепар МГУ в г. Севастополе

 In February, 2015 the very first social project and mass media for students of the Branch of MSU in Sevastopol was established. It aims to create the open platform for communication and collaboration.


Fruk Magazine, the UK


Creative team:

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Model: Dasha Stepanova

Makeup Artist: Julia Milovanova

Stylist: Kate Orwell


 Aesthetics of the traditional Russian winter costume in natural wood atmosphere created by stylist Kate Orwell for Fruk Magazine.


Salyse Magazine, Columbia


Creative team:

Photographer & Makeup Artist: 
Olga Khlybova 

Model: Kate Lebedeva

Stylist: Kate Orwell

   The title of this editorial for Salyse Magazine refers to the conception according to which masculinity and femininity could be the opposite ends of a single dimension, so that the individual may simultaneously posses both attributes. The idea was to create a neutral red (sounds like oxymoron) atmosphere and with the help of makeup, style and – what is more important – the emotions  show the traits of character of both genders. Here you can estimate how the professional actress Kate Lebedeva plays the roles. 


Ruby Ardent

Client: PRO-POST retouching agency 

St. Valentine's Day promo

Creative team:

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Makeup Artist: Masha Dontsova

Models: Yana Shulzhenko & Gleb Gorda
Agency: Linden Staub







Client: Kraft Store

Photographer: Olga Khlybova

Model: Diana Grigorenko

Makeup Artist: Masha Dontsova

PhotoVogue editor's choice



   В то время как внимание всего мира моды приковано к судьбе дома Диор, который с уходом креативного директора Рафа Симонса вступил в эпоху перемен, и к показу новой коллекции, ответственность за которую взяла команда дизайнеров Дома, в свет выходит превью подарочного издания книги Жерома Готье: «Dior: New Looks».

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  Hello! My name is Olga Khlybova and brand AGLOGRAPHY is my personal way to communicate with this world through words and visuals. 

  AGLOGRAPНY explains it all: it has my mirrored name Olga and the root "graphy" which means writing – and it doesn't matter whether it is "writing" with light or writing with words.

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